Solo Ads -The best alternative for Google Ads

It is a known fact that marketing has taken a whole new level of dimension these days. Gone are those days, when brochures, pamphlets, and billboards were seen as the savior of marketing. With the increased penetration of digitization in people’s lives, the best way to market one’s product is online. Digital Marketing has become one of the most common terms. While everyone is aware of Google Ads- the ads platform offered by google where one can host ads of their company for a certain amount, some people aren’t much aware of Solo Ads – the best alternative to Google Ads.

Solo Ads

To understand why solo ads are the best alternative for Google Ads, one needs to understand what solo ads are. Solo Ads are aimed at the right target’s mailing list. One can contact the solo ads providers contacts who hold the niche person of your field who has the mailing contacts of the people who might be interested in your business. Thus, by paying a certain amount of money to the ad services provider, the content of your mail will be sent to the right list.

Solo Ads-Not clickbait

While Google Ads and another type of ads that one could see online work on the formula of pay per click and a person will be redirected to the parent site. There are very fewer chances of attracting one to the landing page as one might fail to have a deeper look at the webpage. But when it comes to posting the ads on the mail inbox, that too with the list who are duly interested, it becomes much easier to get the right customers in a much short period. One also need not to use blogs by inserting a lot of keywords and wait for people to reach your page.

Solo ads alternative

Steps to draft solo ads

Now that you have understood as to how a solo ad works, it becomes much important to learn how to draft solo ads to get the right feedback. Plus, e-mail content plays a very significant role in generating leads. Good content doesn’t mean long content. It is preferred to keep the content sweet and short and deliver the message in a short period.

• Using catchy phrases

The first thing someone notices about a mail is the subject. Only if the subject is very appealing and catchy, he/she would show interest in opening the mail and reading its content. If you are a person who is too good at writing catchy content, then you can write one. If not, many freelance copywriters are available in the marketplace who can be hired and used for the purpose.

• What are Marketing and Sales? Two Sides of The Same Coin

Marketing was devised to increase sales. Essentially, both have to co-exist. While drafting the body of the mail, include some sales basics. First, mention the problem which is of prime concern. Secondly, throw light on the fact of how the current solution providers aren’t delivering enough and show the holes in it. Thirdly, mention how your solution is drastically different from that of others and its efficiency.

• Add some voice to the mail

The voice here doesn’t denote an active or passive voice. When you are sending the list to people of varying backgrounds, genders, economic classes, social structures, try to incorporate a slice of their lives. For example, use the local language for greetings while targeting a particular region of people. Use a very sympathetic tone while speaking to moms and older citizens. While you are addressing the youth, then the body of the mail should be inspirational. While you are targeting the middle-aged people, then don’t use very flashy terms.

It is recommended never to prefer a solo ad provider who is ready to provide you with a mailing list of 10000 users for a very meager sum of $5. These might be the list who might look at your mail just like any other spam. Instead, if you are ready to spend some amount on the marketing of your product, then it is best to prefer the standard services provider. This would also leave you with a good list which you can use for future purposes as well. Petar’s Solo Ads can be the best option, we can deliver the best quality of traffic for your business.

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