Refund Policy

ATTENTION: In order to increase the likelihood of your success on our email lists, we recommend all our clients have a professional sales funnel, website, and their own email list. Ensure that your sales funnel is in full working order – we will not refund if the links you supply are not accepting the clicks we send. We do not control our email list’s purchasing actions, only the volume of clicks you receive and where those clicks come from.

We have a strict Paypal and Stripe no-refund policy. If you are unsure about purchasing, please contact us before placing an order, as you will not receive a refund. By purchasing this service, you agree that all Paypal transaction related issues will be resolved solely from A Paypal or Stripe payment reversal or chargeback will be classified as fraud and robbery attempt, and will be met with legal action from our team.

As our client, you agree that once your order is placed you will not expect a Paypal or Stripe refund – or financial compensation of any kind – if the link you provide is not working.