Solo Ads vs Google Ads vs Facebook Ads – Which Is Better?

Solo Ads vs Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Marketing your website or landing pages is a challenging task if you have no experience running a campaign. You probably already know about PPC and paid advertising campaigns, but which platform offers you the best value for your marketing dollars?

If you’re going to spend your capital on sourcing new business, you want to know that you’re getting the most out of every cent in your marketing budget. So, which advertising platform gives you the best bang for your marketing buck?

In this review, we’re going to look at the three most popular ad strategies to build your online business. Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and Solo Ads – which is the best option for attracting traffic to your website or landing pages? Let’s find out.

Facebook Ads

Facebooks ad manager offers you tremendous value for money when running your marketing campaigns. Facebook has a network of over 2-billion monthly users. The chances are that all your customers are already using this platform – so. Why not reach out to them on their feed?

Facebook ads allow you to create an ad set where you can laser-target your prospects. Build your campaign to include all your ideal customer demographics, including age groups, earning brackets, gender, location, and activities they enjoy.

Facebooks ad manager is incredibly powerful, and it’s one of the most effective and popular ways of marketing online. Facebook automatically pushes your ad in front of people that the algorithm thinks are likely to buy your product or service offering.

With Facebook Ads, you can start marketing with only a few dollars in your advertising budget. However, the Facebook advertising space is becoming more competitive, especially in markets like POD (Print-on-Demand).

Google AdWords

The original marketing tool for any campaign, Google AdWords has a successful legacy in helping millions of people sell goods and services online. However, over the years, Google keywords in competitive niches are becoming expensive to purchase. Some keywords could cost you more than $400 per click – and we feel that’s outrageous.

Google AdWords has its place in any marketing campaign. However, due to the competition on the platform, and the costs involved with buying keywords, we avoid using it in our campaigns. Google AdWords is better for targeting less competitive long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are also becoming more popular in marketing campaigns, allowing marketers to get more value out of their budget, instead of paying ridiculous sums for primary keywords.

Solo Ads

Solo Ads are a unique offering on this list. It follows a PPC system like Google. However, the difference is that with Solo Ads, you get access to targeted traffic. When you sign up for Solo Ads on a platform, or with a verified seller, you get access to thousands of prospects that are interested in your product offering and content.

As a result, you start receiving traffic instantly. Within 24-hours, you’ll notice a significant jump in visitors to your site, and you’ll probably get a sale too! Solo Ads have an easy signup process, and there’s a forum where you can mingle with other marketers and toss around ideas for your campaigns.

Our website offers you a central marketplace for purchasing Solo Ads and there are thousands of satisfied testimonials from other users on the site.

In Closing – Solo Ads are Your Top Choice for Targeted Traffic

Relying on the tech giants Google and Facebook for your marketing is convenient. Sure, these platforms offer marketers plenty of utility in boosting their business. However, the issue is that all the marketing information and stats stay contained within the platform. If Facebook goes out of business tomorrow, then you lose all your marketing research and data.

It’s a similar story with Google. However, with Google, launching PPC campaigns can be expensive. Depending on your niche, you might find that your top keywords you want to target are all out of your price range. If you don’t have the budget to compete in this environment, then you’re going to struggle to build traffic.

While all three of the platforms offer you an excellent method of building traffic and attracting customers, we would have to select Solo Ads as our top choice. With Solo ads, you get instant results, and you’ll have visitors flocking to your site within 24-hours. You also get access to a list, which is yours and doesn’t belong to the platform.

Overall, we feel that Solo Ads offers the best value for money, especially for newbies. Newcomers need to watch their marketing budget, and every penny counts in your efforts. Solo Ads offers you an affordable method of reaching plenty of qualified prospects. You get instant traffic interested in your product or service offering.

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