Best Solo Ad Sellers: Tips To Buy Solo Ads

People get quite excited when a big brand is about to launch a product. Those big brands spend a lot of money to engage customers towards upcoming projects. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot spend a lot of money on promotions and marketing. It does not mean an SMB can’t get the word about its upcoming launches. Solo ads can provide reliable, affordable, and practical solutions to draw interested people towards the product. It is not something new, but now it is more useful than ever before.

What do you mean by a solo ad?

You may have heard about solo ads many times if you have worked with affiliate marketers in the past. These are email-based ads that are sold by trusted email list owners. Each ad you create is sent as a dedicated email to the target audience. The whole email will contain brand and product promotions, and nothing else.

Yes, it is a kind of email marketing, but it is more effective than a traditional email marketing technique. Marketers usually do not worry whether they are sending promotional emails to genuine people or bots in email marketing. The solo ad seller assures that each email address on the list belongs to a real user in that category.

You need to find a useful email list, and then you have to contact the owner of that list. That owner might sell or provide short term access to that email list online. The purchase of solo ads depends on how many clicks you want on your email or how many subscribers will receive your email.

Reputable solo ads websites like will offer an email list with the highest click potential. It means if everything goes fine, most of the subscribers on that email list will click on your email. They will check the whole promotional mail, and they might also take an interest in your products. Thus, the chances of converting the target audience will be quite high in comparison to other online marketing tactics.

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Who should use solo ads for promotion?

You should try solo ads for marketing if:

  • Your marketing budget is not so big: it just requires a couple of hundred dollars to assess how effective solo ads are. The results will be quite impressive, and you will undoubtedly arrange more funds to promote your products and services via solo ads.
  • PPC is not a feasible solution: Numerous brands and businesses across the globe are using pay per click or PPC ads to draw customers to their websites. These ads do not promise quick conversion. Also, PPC ads cost a lot of money. Solo ads are proven more effective and affordable than PPC ads. Therefore, you would love to try them.
  • Your niche is oversaturated: The online market is flooded with content related to affiliate marketing, weight loss, etc. It would be daunting to snatch the top spot and attract users, especially when thousands of others are also trying to do the same thing. Try something unique like solo ads to reach the target customers without any difficulty.
  • Your company cannot bear ongoing SEO expenses: Search engine optimization is the most effective technique to bring a website top in the search results. It is a continuing process that requires a huge investment. Many SMBs cannot spend that much money to draw the target audience on their websites. Therefore, solo ads seem like a more affordable and feasible solution than SEO.
  • You want to direct massive traffic quickly on a page: Suppose you are launching a new product, and you want to draw huge traffic on your website, SEO cannot help you. Solo ads, on the other hand, can quickly turn your website into one of the most popular sites on the internet.

How to buy solo ads?

There are a few tips you must consider before buying solo ads. Thus, you can ensure better success with your solo ad campaign.

  • Search for guaranteed clicks:

Whenever you communicate with a solo ad provider, ask him for guaranteed clicks on your website. The list owner should guarantee a certain number of clicks on your site. He will charge money according to the number of clicks generated on your website, for example, 300 clicks for $100.

  • Always check customer testimonials:

Just like any other business, solo ad providers can also make big claims about the effectiveness of their ads. You should not go on their applications and look for customer testimonials. Check what the customers have to say about their services.

  • Learn more about how that person has created lists:

It is okay if the subscribers have agreed to share their email lists for some freebies. It is not okay if that solo ad provider is selling the email list created by someone else. You should not buy such a list and look for files with genuine subscribers.

You should also check the refund policy before buying solo ads. You will learn when and how you can ask for a refund if you do not get promised clicks on your website.

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