Getting your online business off the ground is a challenging experience. Whether you’re starting a blog or an e-commerce website, there’s plenty to do. After finishing all the design work on your site and populating it with top-quality content, it’s time to start marketing.

Unfortunately, marketing is where most business owners and bloggers fall off the map. Sure, you can start your SEO campaign and contact websites for link placements. Throwing a few dollars at a Facebook Ads campaign is another worthwhile exercise.

However, it takes months for SEO strategies to start producing results, and if you don’t have a huge following on social media, you’re going to have to rely on ads to push your brand or products. People don’t like buying stuff from social accounts with minimal timelines and few followers – it seems like a scam.

So, how do you build your website traffic? You can’t afford to sit on your hands for six months with no income while you wait for your SEO strategy to work. What if there was a way to get your offer, product launch, or press release informant of thousands of qualified prospects?

What would it be worth to you to start making sales tomorrow? Solo Ads offer you the opportunity to do just that. Solo Ads are possibly the most effective marketing strategy for newbies looking to sell and promote online.

What Are Solo Ads?

Speak to any internet marketer, and they’ll tell you that the money is in the list. Quite frankly, the money is your list – without it, you don’t have a business. The biggest challenge marketers have with their businesses is growing their list and attracting new prospects. When you have a person’s name and email address, you can drop them into your sales funnel and start marketing to them.

However, it could take years to build a sizeable list that produces a steady income for your business. We don’t know about you, but we don’t have a fat bank account that can find our expenses for six months while our marketing efforts build momentum.

Solo Ads are a unique marketing system that helps new businesses succeed online. With Solo Ads, you don’t need to wait for months for your marketing efforts to produce results. There are people out there that specialize in building lists of contacts in various niches.

These individuals create squeeze pages with a free offer to people if they sign up for a mailing list. The list owner then sells you the advertising space on email campaigns. Essentially, you’re buying someone else’s list.

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You design and advert, and embed a link to your landing page in the ad. The Solo Ads provider then sends out the email to their list with your ad. When setting up your campaign with your provider, you pay for clicks on your ad. It’s a similar model to PPC advertising, but with higher conversion rates.

So, if you pay for 250-clicks, then your provider cuts you off at that limit. The more you spend, the more people will see your add. Solo Ads have an excellent conversion rate, and that’s thanks to a qualified list. Your provider should offer you lists in a variety of niches. From personal development to business opportunities, there are Solo Ads geared towards specific audiences.

When you purchase a Solo Ad, you’re buying direct access to your target market. Sure, the ads might be expensive, but would you rather have a big marketing budget and plenty of sales, or spend no money and make no income?

What are the Advantages of Solo Ads for Your Business?

There are plenty of advantages to using Solo Ads in your business. Here are our top reasons why you need to start using a Solo Ads service.

  • You reach a qualified audience right away.
  • There is no need to wait for SEO or linking strategies to bring traffic to your site.
  • You get the client’s attention to your offer only.
  • Most Solo Ad lists feature prospects using a double opt-in. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about receiving spam reports on your mails.
  • Short ads do well on this platform.
  • Solo Ads lists focus on developed markets in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.
  • Providers frequently update lists with new subscribers.

If you’re promoting a blog or you’re an advertiser yourself, Solo Ads offers you the following advantages.

  • Generate leads for your list – you keep the details of all your customers.
  • Drive traffic to your website to improve your SERP
  • Gain brand awareness in your target niche
  • Announce product launches and press releases
  • Send out special deals or limited offers to create urgency

There are plenty of ways to use Solo Ads, with hundreds of niche lists available. Contact a provider and find out how their list can help you.

How Can I Be Profitable Using Solo Ads?

When signing up with a Solo Ads provider, you need to take the offer with a pinch of salt. The reality is that not all Solo Ads providers run a credible and transparent service. There are plenty of stories online about scammers ripping people off with poor-quality Solo Ads services.

To avoid being ripped off, make sure you ask your Solo Ads providers a few questions about their list.

How did they build the list – If they tell you they set up a landing page with a lead capture form, ask the see the site. How the provider creates the list is important to gauge the prospects’ validity and buying power.

Ask them how often they use the list – The ideal mailing frequency is three to four times a week. Any more than that and you might get watered-down results for your campaign.

Ask the provider when they’ll send out your email ad – Ask them what day of the week they send out the ad. Some niches are more responsive on certain days, so take that into account when planning your campaign.

Ask them about the bounce and spam rates – The provider should remove all subscribers that experience a hard bounce on the email campaign. Look for providers that have average spam report rates of less than 0.1%.

Ask the provider about the success of past campaigns – Ask about the success of other similar campaigns using the list. Your provider should be open and transparent with their data. Avoid working with companies that make outrageous conversion claims and don’t have the proof to back it up.

By doing your due diligence on your Solo ads provider, you don’t have to worry about throwing your marketing budget away.

Solo ads traffic

Don’t Send Your Traffic to Sales Pages

Most Solo Ad providers won’t let your direct your traffic to a sales page. Instead, you need to send them to another page on the site that gets them to take action. Sending them directly to a sales page is considered spamming the list.

However, that strategy works well for internet marketers. You can direct the traffic to a blog or piece of content on your site that offers the prospect value. Include an opt-in lead magnet on the page to capture the prospects email address.

Using this approach, you don’t come off as pushy spam, and you’ll probably get a few hundred leads and maybe a few sales. Directing the Solo Ads traffic to a page where you can capture the lead information is far more important than having prospects see your offer.

How Do You Start with Solo Ads?

Starting with Solo Ads is easy. There are plenty of places to buy Solo Ads online. Both individuals and companies advertise Solo Ads, and many of them have mixed results. Trying to sort the wheat from the chaff when finding a Solo Ads provider can take some investigation.

We recommend looking around on social media for the best providers. Social media allows you to see the feedback from past customers using the Solo Ads provider. If the ad provider offers a good service, you’ll see people talking about it online.

When starting your Solo Ads campaign, choosing the right partner makes all the difference. After selecting your preferred partner, it’s time to put their list to the test.

How Many Solo Ad Clicks Should You Purchase?

Solo Ads sound so good that many marketers decide to drop thousands of dollars on campaigns. However, that’s not a great idea for placing your order with a new Solo Ads provider. You want a provider that lets you start small. By placing a small order of between $250 to $300, you get a good view of what’s possible with your Solo Ads provider.

By starting small, you mitigate the risk involved with using a new service. If you have a shortlist of two or three companies you want to use, give them all a small order and see how they perform. After a successful campaign, you can choose to increase your budget with the provider.

How Do I Find the Best Solo Ads Vendors?

Finding the best Solo Ads vendors list isn’t as challenging as you think. Provided that you vet the person or company and start small with your first order, you won’t have any problems. We recommend searching online for the best Solo Ads vendor lists. You’ll get plenty of search results on the first page of Google.

Forums also make excellent places to search for dedicated Solo Ads providers. IM forums recommending Solo Ads providers are a good place to look. However, make sure the member recommending the service has a good reputation on the platform and isn’t a part of the Solo Ad providers business.

Remember to use your checklist for vetting the provider when signing up for the service. You might think that people don’t have the time to answer your replies. However, the reality is that every Solo Ads vendor wants more business. If they don’t get back to you with answers to your questions, write them off the shortlist, and don’t order a campaign.

Best Solo Ads

Some vendors might take a few days to get back to you, or they might send you a template of FAQs they receive from new clients. Either is okay, as long as their sending you feedback.

Remember, after ordering your Solo Ads campaign, there are no refunds. This policy of no refunds is standard between all Solo Ads providers, preventing people from misusing the service.

The best part of Solo Ads is that you notice its impact right away. There’s no waiting for traffic volumes to build. With Solo Ads, you’ll start receiving traffic on the day the vendor releases your ad.

What Do I Need to Look for In a Solo Ads Vendor?

When vetting your vendor, the checklist is important for getting a feel for their service. However, it’s not the only thing you need to be looking out for when selecting your provider. Make sure you include the following in your vetting strategy.

Credible Reputation – Do they have a good following on social media with real users, not fake accounts? What are people saying about the vendor? Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are great places to check up on your Solo Ads vendor’s reputation.

Transparency – As mentioned, you need a provider with total transparency on their list-building process and past campaigns using the list. If someone is holding out on giving you the information you need, consider that a red flag.

Are Solo Ad Campaigns Worth Your Marketing Budget?

Solo Ads are an effective way of building your list fast. If you want to launch a brand or a new product line, Solo Ads offers you the best bang for your marketing buck. You get targeted advertising at your key audience, and you get to keep all the leads you collect using your list.

Since the previous Solo Ads provider already vets all the people who sign up for your list, you can count on them to be qualified buyers who participate in email campaigns. With Solo Ads, you get the opportunity to build your business fast. Take action and revolutionize your marketing effort and your business – order your first Solo Ads campaign today from Petar’s Solo Ads & see the unbeatable results.