Are you an internet marketer looking to build a list? Your list is the backbone of your online business, and without it, you don’t have any prospects. List building is one of the most challenging tasks involved in online marketing.

Setting up lead magnets on your site is one strategy to help you build your list. Unfortunately, it can take months to see decent results from your efforts using traditional SEO methods. If you want to launch a product next week, who are you going to sell it to?

What if you could have a list of qualified prospects in your hands right now? What if you didn’t have to spend the next six months struggling with building your business?

Solo ads offer you a strategic edge on your marketing efforts. If you want to see results fast, Solo Ads provides you with a proven solution that drives traffic to your site. With Solo Ads, you get a list, without going to the hassle of building it yourself – what’s that worth to your business?

What Are Solo Ads?

Affiliate marketers already know about Solo Ads. This model has already been around for a few years, and people are using them right now. This system provides you with proven results, and it’s already the secret weapon of many internet marketers.

Solo Ads are email-based ads available for sale from people that have lists of prospects in your niche. You pay the owner of the list for sending out an advert on your behalf. As a result, you can place your brand or offer in front of thousands of qualified buyers.

With Solo Ads, you’re looking to convert interest from the prospects on the list. Not everyone will want your product, but you should access a large chunk of potential buyers. Search for listings online in forums or through Google search offering you Solo Ads.

Many companies offer Solo Ads – some of them are worth the money, while others deliver lackluster results. Let’s unpack everything you need to know about purchasing Solo Ads for your business.

How Can My Business Benefit from Solo Ads?

If you’re starting online, you need to turn a profit as soon as possible. The sooner you start making money, the faster you can reinvest that capital into your company and keep growing. The first year to eighteen months in any eCommerce venture is a critical time. It’s during this period that many businesses fail, and the founders move onto other things.

If you want to avoid the bitter taste of failure in your online venture, you need to hit the ground running with your marketing. SEO strategies are essential when building your online business. Lead capture forms, site optimization, lead generation, and link building are crucial activities for growing your business.

We’re not knocking on SEO, and every online business needs it. However, SEO takes time to show results. It could take 6-months or longer before you start seeing the results of keyword research and link building in your bottom line.

What are you going to do for cash flow in the meantime? Leaving it on the line and starving yourself while bootstrapping the company will be nothing but frustrating. Most eCommerce entrepreneurs fund their projects themselves. Banks aren’t interested in working with you.

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B6y bootstrapping your operations yourself, you get the advantage of working within your financial means. However, no-one wants to have a dry bank account with no income for months on end while you wait for SEO strategies to play out.

Affiliate marketing and Pay-Per-Click strategies are useful, but you’ll have limited success, and they require a sizable budget when starting.

Solo Ads offer you the best way to reach a targeted audience for as little cost as possible. Solo Ad providers let you design an ad, and they mail it out to their list. When signing up with your Solo Ads provider, they should be transparent with the contents of their list and the success rate of past campaigns.

Solo Ads offers you a viable way to find new prospects and customers, helping you drive traffic to your site. At the end of the day, the more traffic you have coming to your site, the better. Any internet marketer will tell you that sales and conversions are a numbers game.

If you increase traffic to the site, that’s more eyeballs on your content and offers. A percentage of that traffic will convert, earning your company money. You retain that client’s details and add them to your sales funnel or email list.

Where Can I Find Solo Ad Lists?

Solo Ads are available from a variety of online vendors. There are plenty of providers offering their service on Google and social media. However, the problem is that not all of them provide you a good deal. There are plenty of charlatans out there promising you the world with their lists. However, when you put the money down, you get lackluster results, and you’re down hundreds of dollars.

It would help if you worked with providers with a solid reputation for producing results for their clients. The best Solo Ads providers have lists that work, and testimonials to prove it. Unfortunately, there are no refunds with Solo Ads, so you need to ensure that you’re working with a credible provider.

How Do I Choose a Solo Ads Provider?

Here are a few tips to help you sort the wheat from the chaff when finding a Solo Ads provider.

#1 Be Wary

When searching for your preferred Solo Ads partner, you must take your time and research your options. There are so many providers online, and you’ll get mixed results from them. However, they all claim their ads are the best available – so who do you trust with your campaign budget?

Make sure you follow the rest of the steps on this list to prevent a waste of your time and marketing budget.

#2 Avoid Providers with Wild Claims about Customer Results

As mentioned, every vendor will say that their Solo Ads offer you the best value for your ad campaign. However, the reality is that you might not receive such traffic at all. Avoid companies that make wild claims and statements about using their services.

The critical thing about Solo Ad providers is their social reputation. Look at the provider’s social account you’re interested in using and check what people are saying about the service. If providers make wild claims and don’t deliver on the promise, users will moan about it on Twitter and Facebook.

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#3 Start with a Small Campaign to Test the Provider

Start slow, and don’t blow your entire marketing budget for the next quarter on your first campaign. Don’t make the silly mistake of dropping serious cash on your first experience with a provider. We recommend you spend a few hundred dollars at most.

If the provider is legit, and the claims are true, you’ll see results regardless of the amount you spend. Remember to monitor your traffic sources to see the origin of your leads. Getting a whole bunch of traffic from emerging markets isn’t going to do your website any favors.

#4 Take Testimonials with a Grain of Salt

Unfortunately, many Solo Ads providers use fake testimonials on their site. Don’t think you’re going to have a successful campaign with the provider because they have 50 glowing testimonials from satisfied customers. Unless there’s some way to verify the client’s identity, assume it’s a fake testimonial.

#5 Ask the Owner How They Built the List

Most providers won’t tell you the truth, but you can get a gist of their methods from their answers. For instance, the owner could tell you they built the list through marketing an ad on social that leads to a squeeze page.

Make sure you ask the owner if you can see the squeeze page and that they comply with your request. If the owner gives you a vague answer and pushes you to try a campaign, avoid the service.

#6 Ask the Owner How Often They Mail the List

Some providers might tell you they use the lost every day. That’s not too concerning, especially if they are mailing quality offers. However, we think the ideal mailing frequency for a Solo Ads list is two to three times a week.

#7 Ask the Owner about the Best Niches for the List

Your provider should have accurate data about the previous campaigns they ran with Solo Ads. Ask them about similar companies or products in your niche, and how they performed with an ad campaign. Some lists have different outcomes than others. For instance, one list might be good for capturing email addresses, while another suits the selling of high-ticket items.

Do the prospects on the list like signing up for e-books? Do they prefer video media or blogs? These kinds of questions are important for building your campaign strategy.

#8 Ask the Owner How They Deal with Hard Bounces

Most well-managed lists will remove prospects after a hard bounce. Some providers stretch that to two bounces, but make sure you ask the provider about their list management. If the provider gives you an answer stating they don’t track hard bounces, find another service.

#9 Ask the Owner About the Spam Complaint Rate

If the provider states they have a spam complaint rate above 0.2%, don’t bother signing up; they’ll do your business more harm than good. The average spam complaint rate is 0.1% and no more.

#10 Ask the Owner about the Average Response Rate from the List

The provider should be transparent with the average click-through rates and open rates on the list. The provider should have information about conversion rates on certain actions, such as the conversion rate for an email opt-in lead page.

Take the information the provider gives you with a pinch of salt, especially if there’s no way to verify the results.

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Why Are Metrics Important for My Solo Ads Campaign?

When signing up for buying solo Ads campaign, you must investigate the provider for past performance. The provider should have transparency in their past campaigns, providing you with what you can expect from your list purchase.

However, after you launch your campaign, you must start tracking the results yourself. The Solo Ad contains a link, allowing you to track the traffic source and determine the viability of the specific list you’re working with.

Tracking your metrics shows you if that provider sells good-quality lists or bunk you need to avoid. The best part about solo Ads is that you retain the details of the traffic that converts on your site. If someone visits your site and enters their email address in your lead generation form, you get to keep that and add it to your list.

Do You Have a Strategy for Your Solo Ads?

When signing up for a Solo Ads campaign, don’t take a shotgun approach. Your Solo Ad needs to be compelling, enticing the prospect to visit your site. You must take careful consideration in the design and the placement of CTAs in your Solo Ads to be effective. If you don’t receive much traffic from your Solo Ad, either the list is bad – or your content is terrible.

Take time to search through past examples of Solo Ad design. There are hundreds of resources available online for learning how to build a Solo Ads campaign. Make sure that you master all the aspects of your Solo Ad before you start your campaign.

If you have no previous experience in building Solo Ads, we recommend you work with a professional. Look for designers that have experience working on successful Solo Ad campaigns. In some cases, the Solo Ad provider might have in-house design services available for your ad campaign.

Your strategy matters, and without it, you’re wasting money on Solo Ads. Make sure you read through plenty of Solo Ad reviews before committing to a vendor and a designer. However, with the right Solo Ad provider, and a great campaign, you’ll see outstanding results. You can contact Petar’s Solo Ads for the best outcomes.